Cisterns in ancient city

Following the last year’s discovery of four interconnected cisterns, out of which two have already been unearthed in the ancient city of Metropolis in İzmir’s Torbalı district, efforts will be made to unearth the rest two this year in a bid to bring them into cultural tourism.

Located between Yeniköy and Özbey neighborhoods, Metropolis is known as the “City of Mother Goddess.”

In the ancient city, where excavations have been ongoing since 1990, traces of many civilizations have been found from the first settlements in the Late Neolithic Age to the Classical Age and from the Hellenistic Age to the Roman, Byzantine, Principalities and Ottoman periods. In the ancient city, where many monumental structures have been unearthed so far, four interconnected cisterns were discovered during last year’s excavations.

Previously, two of these cisterns in this structure located under a seven-meter earth fill were unearthed, and now within the scope of excavations that started this year, the other two cisterns under the ground will be unearthed. This structure, which is thought to have been used to meet the water needs of the city in the Late Roman Period, will contribute to revealing important information, findings and historical artifacts about the period.

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